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Live Projects

DevShala believes in providing exposure to the latest technology trends in market. DevShala trainers are having a diverse experience of working in big MNC’s and hence brings the knowledge of real time projects and the software development methodology used in the industry. DevShala itself comes from the family of a software firm DevStringX Technologies. The aspirants are nurtured with the latest technology methodologies available in market.

Job Assistance

The eventual goal of a technical aspirant is to get the job in software industry. DevShala trains and provide the opportunities for the aspiring fresher candidates and the working professionals. DevShala has a team of trainers who have been a part of resource hiring panel for the software firms for a long time. Apart from the technical trainings DevShala provide the complimentary mock interview and personal development trainings.

Online Trainings

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the trainees living in remote areas or the working professionals to avail classroom trainings. Online training programme is designed to provide rich learning experience to meet the aspirant’s needs sitting at home. DevShala is having a broader experience in providing the online trainings not only in India but in offshore covering countries like Australia and USA. Trainees can avail the online sessions ranging from one to two hours at the desired time frame. The online training covers both the technical concepts and the practical exposure towards the underlying technology.

Outsourcing / Staffing

DevShala provides staffing services and IT outsourcing solutions to a broad range of clients and industries. We emphasize on strategic innovation and leadership in order to provide the most optimal and exceptional solutions to suffice the client's requirements. Our services range from strategic consulting, current technology implementations and high-quality staffing services to flexible and customized IT outsourcing services. Our objective is to bring high levels of service, quality, process and thought leadership, while implementing the latest and optimized technologies for our clients at a cost that will save them anywhere from 30-70% on average.

DevShala provides full-service staffing services for mid-level and high-level software firms. Our staffing services are tailored to support wide range of our client's needs from small to large volume of requirements.