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Corporate Trainings

In today’s era, technologies are evolving with a very fast pace which makes corporate training indispensable! For organizations corporate training is part of their strategy to achieve success and growth. At the pace with which technologies are changing, companies always need skilled and well-equipped employees.

With the corporate training, learners not only understand the basic to advanced part of the technology but also learn about the industry best practices which help them to bring out the innovation in the tasks. These programs will definitely help in filling the gap which will lead to Innovation, Growth, and Success. The leading training methodologies of DevShala’s workshops which are conducted by the professionals of top MNC’s will help the organization in achieving its objectives.

Campus Trainings

Every year lakhs of engineers come in market to find job but it is really not easy at fresher level to get good job unless you are technically sound, also it is not easy at the experience level to switch from one organization to another at desired package and designation.

Based on the stage of a career, individual opt for course that best suits the immediate requirements. Technical trainings at DevShala, will help the students in getting the job and also switching from one job to another. We organize regular campus interviews from various technological market leaders for students.

Trainers at DevShala are mostly from top MNC’s and are certified in their respective technology.

Industrial Trainings

Industrial Training is a part of every technical degree curriculum and it refers to gain the actual work experience by working on industry products/ projects. Industrial Training is normally accumulated during the final semesters.

Industrial Training is very essential for students in order to develop the technical and professional skills which are required in industry to be successful. Many organizations give chance of employment to students based on their skills acquired during Industrial training by working on real industry based applications.

Certification Trainings

Becoming a certified professional in any technology will definitely help you in standing out of the crowd and increase your chances in getting the desired growth both technically and financially. Students who are looking for certification program can opt our certification courses. All faculty members for this program are themselves certified professionals from top MNC's in their respective technology. We provide certification in all leading technologies like Java, .Net, Software Testing, Database, PHP etc.

Benefits :

  • You will Gain a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that's in demand.
  • Hiring managers indicate IT certifications are a high priority during the candidate evaluation process.
  • HR executive gives more preferences to certify candidates while filtering candidates for open positions.
  • Certification helps you in promotion, salary increase or other career improvements.